August 3, 2016
CKWS Television – Hearing Loss
August 5, 2016
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The next time Lorraine has a meeting at the club house for coffee, she will better understand what people are saying. With the new hearing aids she was awarded, Edith can improve her conversations with her husband and grandchildren.

“Missing out on what is happening because you don’t understand what is going on around you is frustrating,” says Edith. “I often ask my husband, “what did you say?” which is frustrating for him!”

Edith was nominated by Colleen Poole from HearingLife Canada in Chilliwack as an ambassador for the National Campaign for Better Hearing. The campaign awards hearing aids to those who really need them and promotes hearing health and hearing testing to those over 60.

With her new hearing aids, Edith’s road safety has improved. She can hear people approaching from behind on the trail she walks on and she can hear the ringing of bicycle bells all while enjoying the beautiful sounds of nature.

Edith was very excited to get her hearing tested for free and urges others to do the same.
“I would also encourage people with hearing loss to try hearing aids,” adds Edith. “The “demo process” worked well for me.”

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